The Company

Terwingo is a Russian company that manufactures dependable, innovative and competitive products that meet and exceed international standards.

At Terwingo we are careful to monitor and analyze the market and economic situations both in Russia and abroad. We also pay close attention to the current status and opportunities available for development in high-tech and science-intensive industries. By doing so, we are actively discovering prospective areas in which to organize the production of in-demand, better quality products.

We create high-quality projects - from the conception of an idea to the start of production looking to the expertise of the world’s leading service and equipment suppliers.

The key to Terwingo’s success lies in the careful combination of:

  • Carefully studying and predicting the development of the economic situation on a global, national and regional level. We also analyze and predict possible development in various branches of the economy as well as in different markets and individual sectors. This helps us to make well-calculated decisions on whether or not to participate in a project, helps us to understand the project’s potential and know its cost efficiency;
  • The company’s innovative development ideas promise to provide Terwingo products and projects with a competitive advantage in the global market for the foreseeable future;
  • Using competitive advantages of various regions in order to build and develop our manufacturing facilities as efficiently as possible
  • Professional and accurate implementation of key decisions made throughout the entire planning process of the project – from the start to current production management.