Mission and Strategy

Our Mission

Our main goal is to design, construct and launch effective businesses that will ensure a high level of return on invested capital to shareholders and investors. We strive to make our clients’ businesses as profitable as possible, being sure to satisfy our partners’ expectations while making a strong contribution to the development of society as a whole.

Our Core Values


Our job is to create, maintain and build the trust our clients, partners and shareholders have in us.


Our significant experience, extensive knowledge of the markets and solid financial situation make us a trustworthy and reliable partner in realizing projects of any caliber or difficulty.


We have carefully selected and every one of our employees building the best team of professionals and are continuing to do so. Each member of the Terwingo team possesses both energy and a great ability to contribute, making our team like no other.


We try our best through careful managing and business strategy to ensure that our project portfolios as strong as they can be.

By making decisions concerning the current direction and development of the company’s project portfolios, the Terwingo team takes charge and control of the projects, ultimately ensuring their success and maximum profitability.

The Synergistic Effect

Keeping in mind our vast knowledge of the market, technology and final customers, we expand our project portfolio by competitively penetrating into fields adjacent to the core business. The synergy we gain by operating in the adjacent and complimentary sectors provides us with long-term competitive advantages over other companies in Russia and abroad.

Professional Partnerships

Through implementation of our projects – from brainstorming to realization – we always select the best  consultants, contractors, suppliers and employees there are.