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17 May 2012

Petroplasma took part in a round table discussion of the Energy Efficiency Technologies Cluster, a project of the Skolkovo Foundation and other leading companies in the oil and gas sector.

As part of the round table discussion’s programme, Petroplasma gave a presentation on its project, a complex where major repairs and the reinsulating of main gas and oil pipelines will be conducted through the use of Petroplasma’s plasma cleaning technology. A significant amount of long-term repair work must be done on main pipelines before the project can be started. On average, these pipes are more than 25 years old. Plasma cleaning technology does a far better job than mechanical methods traditionally used in the cleaning of pipes and preparing their surfaces for the deposition of a new insulating coating. Using plasma cleaning technology also costs much less. Plasma cleaning technology is ecologically clean and friendly. After a pipeline has been repaired using this technology, its term of operation significantly increases.


Petroplasma is a member of the Skolkovo Foundation (Energy Efficiency Technologies Cluster), the developer and owner of plasma cleaning technology. For more information about the Skolkovo Foundation, go to


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