Nondestructive analysis

ASK-RÖNTGEN was founded in 1991 as a joint venture with Rich.Seifert & Co GmbH & Co KG, a German company. The project was initially called Seifert- Röentgen. The company specializes in the supply, commissioning and reliable after-sale service of equipment for non-destructive sampling, testing, monitoring and other QA/QC industrial applications. This includes equipment for X-ray testing, measuring the thickness of topcoats, remote visual tests and capillary and magnetic particle inspection. The company offers a wide range of consumable materials for all of its products.

In 2009 Terwingo became a shareholder in ASK- Röntgen.

The company has 17 official dealers in Russia, its own service center in St. Petersburg and carries out the maintenance and repair of supplied equipment all over Russia.

Address: of. 231, 26 A, Shatelena st., St.Petersburg, Russia
Mailing address: box 156, 195220, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Tel.: (812) 448-18-88