Port, logistics and food processing cluster

A multi-functional food processing and logistics cluster will be built in 2014-2016 on a 70-hectare plot located near entry of River Luga into the Gulf of Finland (Leningrad region).

General Information:

  • Total counter-flow of goods: up to 12 million tons of cargo a year;
  • Total project investment: 54 billion rubles;
  • Water depth in the approaching channel: 16.5 meters;
  • Will be able to accommodate ocean vessels with a DWT of up to 75,000 tons (panamax).

Project roadmap

Project participants: Terwingo, Polycomplex, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Transport and the Federal Agency for Fishery of the Russian Federation and the Government of Leningrad Region.

In 2012 the Russian Government has included the project in the list of priority investments projects to take place in Russia’s North-West Federal District.

Competitive advantages of the project:

The availability of bilateral cargo traffic using both marine and domestic transport routes (roads, rivers and railways).

The ability to provide poultry and livestock facilities in Russia with high-quality protein-rich feed made from soybean meal.

A logistic window for the export of grain (wheat) from regions in Russia and nearby countries located far from the port.

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