Corporate Social Responsibility

At Terwingo we try our best not to just take from society and environment, but also to give back. We do this by taking part in community service projects. These projects promote the well-being of Russian citizens and the overall level of culture in society.

We are proud of our Russian roots and our city. With the development of our projects, we consider it our job to improve the quality of life for those living in their area. It is important to us not only to protect the safety of our employees in a work environment, but also to implement social programs to improve the world we live in.

A healthy way of life, family values, justice and tolerance are all things important to Terwingo and its employees. This can be seen in our projects and project events.

Terwingo and its project companies work hard to support socially unprotected groups such as orphans, the disabled and veterans. We also provide direct help in the area where our projects are being implemented in order to improve the quality of life and cultural and historical values.

Each project company is given the freedom to decide and be in charge of its own social programs, choosing them based on how they think they can best benefit those around them.