Cutting Edge Technologies
Sawing wire for photovoltaic

Cutting Edge Technologies was established in 2011 by RUSNANO (48%) and Terwingo (52%). In their joint venture the two companies plan to develop a sawing wire plant. Ultra-tensile strength sawing wire is an innovative material used in the suspension cutting of silicon crystals and hard brittle materials, manufactured with the help of the plasma modification technology of metal surfaces. Sawing wire is a consumable material used primarily in the photovoltaic industry for the production of crystalline wafers. 

The project is being executed by Advanced Wire Technologies (AWT) and Advanced Plasma Technologies (APT) were both created as engineering companies of Cutting Edge Technologies.

Advanced Wire Technologies is in charge of the construction of the sawing wire plant in the Lipetsk Special Economic Zone (SEZ) while Advanced Plasma Technologies is responsible for creating a Сenter of Excellence to improve and introduce the plasma modification technology of metal surfaces in the St. Petersburg SEZ.

The innovative use of the plasma surface modification technique in the production of sawing wire at the Lipetsk plant will improve the quality of the product, causing it to outperform that produced by other leading world manufacturers. The developer of this plasma technology is Petroplasma, a Terwingo company.

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