Cutting Edge Technologies
Sawing wire for photovoltaic

The manufacturing plant will be built in on a ten-hectare plot in a Special Economic Zone in Lipetsk. The company will provide jobs up to 300 employees, busting its production capacity to 10,000 tons of wire per year.

In September 2011, the project passed government panel review, allowing the project’s general contractor to begin construction. The company also signed a contract with Mario Frigerio s.p.a. (Italy), one of the world’s leading producers of wire drawing equipment.

The Manufacturing Center is currently under construction. The commencement of its commercial operation and the first turn of production is planned for early 2013.

Ultra- and Super- tensile strength sawing wire (80-140 m-thick) is used for production of crystalline wafers in several industries:

  • The Photovoltaic Industry (PV) – in the cutting of poly- and mono-crystalline silicon ingots into wafers of 0.15 and 0.25 mm thick (production of PV cells for solar panels);
  • Microelectronics – in the cutting of mono-crystalline silicon ingots into wafers of 0.12 and 1.50 mm thick (production of microchip substrates);
  • LED production – in the cutting of artificial sapphire crystals.

The company currently plans to export up to 95 percent of production and to sell the remaining 5 percent to Russian consumers. These figures will be adjusted as solar energy becomes more popular in Russia in the future.

Consumers in Germany, Spain, China, South Korea, the United States, Canada and other industrialized countries have already expressed their interest in the sawing wire that will be produced at the plant in Lipetsk.

Advanced Plasma Technologies (AWT) LLC.

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