Cutting Edge Technologies
Sawing wire for photovoltaic

Our Research Center supports major strategic initiatives, brnging together all types of different skill sets necessary to keep Terwingo ahead of the competition.

The R,D&E Center of Excellence will:

  • design and manufacture novel equipment;
  • develop new technologies;
  • implement comprehensive longevity tests;
  • manufacture and test the pilot batches of sawing wire;
  • develop standartization documentation and instruction manuals;
  • prepare to implement plasma surface modification and treatment technological know-how in the manufacturing of sawing wire;

Industrial Laboratory Complex

The complex will be used to test plasma surface modification technology in the production (including the cleaning, nano-structuring of the surface and application of metal coatings) of ultra-tensile sawing wire. The demand for this research is high due to the number of environmentally unfriendly and expensive technological processes currently used in the manufacturing of sawing wire. These include the chemical and electro-chemical pickling of wire rods and wire after dry drawing and the electrochemical application of metallic coatings.

The introduction of plasma surface modification technology increases sawing wire’s durability, decreases production costs and, most importantly, introduce a much more ecologically friendly manufacturing process.

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