Plasma-arc modification of metal surfaces

Petroplasma was founded in 2002 under a small Research-Production Enterprise – PLASMA, which, in its turn, was formed in 1989 by three largest state enterprises in the shipbuilding industry: the Baltic Shipbuilding Plant, the Krasny Khimik Plant and the Sredne-Nevsky Shipbuilding Plant. Petroplasma’s scientific activity, however, dates back to the 1960s when the USSR was leading the world in space exploration. Current researchers at Petroplasma helped build plasma rocket engines. This activity led to the discovery of physical phenomena, which later became the basis of Petroplasma’s technology, as well as engineering and design solutions.

Terwingo has been majority shareholder in Petroplasma since 2006.


After many years of research and development work plasma modification technology
has reached the stage for it to be used in industrial applications. Today,
the company offers a wide range of plasma-arc stationary and manual instruments.

Domestic and European metallurgical plants, oil and gas producers and the largest
steel and pipe manufacturing companies in Russia are just a few of Petroplasma’s
many clients.

Petroplasma ZAO
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